KidWalk (Candy Red)
Equipment ID: 944
Category: Walkers & Gait Trainers
Size: Size 2
Manufacturer: Prime Engineering

This KidWalk is a size 2 (maximum user weight of 90 pounds) and can be borrowed for two months at a time only.

Kidwalk is the fruit of collaboration between Prime Engineering and Therapist?s from Stanford University’s Rehab-Engineering Center. The development of the Kidwalk began with a 6-year grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

The idea behind Kidwalk is that children need a means to independently explore their environment. Self-initiated movement is key to developing neural and motor skills, learning spatial relationships and exploring their world the same way that a child without physical limitations would. It is vital in early childhood development to allow this type of exploration.

– Hands free mobility.
– Lateral weight shift during ambulation.
– Small turning radius.
– Rolls over carpets.
– Mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while turning.
– Weight shift mechanism allows work on balance and motor development during therapy.
– Auto centering pelvic guides align the trunk, pelvis and legs.
– Client placement achieved by one person.
– Positioning equipment and height easily adjustable while in use
– Large wheels assist maneuvering.

Seat Height: 15″-28″
Base Width: 27.5″
Base Length: 32″
Mast Height: 37.25″
Wheels: 24″

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