Leckey Corner Chair
Equipment ID: 758
Category: Feeding & Activity Chairs
Size: Size 2, Approx ages: 5-9 years old, seat back height: 15.7", max weight: 88 lbs, max user height: 52.4"
Manufacturer: Leckey

The Leckey Corner Sitter is a great seating option to encourage your child to use his or her arms for functional activities. The theory behind a corner chair is that it provides support to the shoulder blade and upper arm to promote symmetry and midline control.

The backrest of the Corner Sitter is angle adjustable from ?15 to +20 degrees (from vertical) and the lateral panels adjust as well to offer a variety of support positions. The Corner Sitter also folds forward completely flat for easy transport and storage. The Corner Sitter comes standard with a Hip Belt and a Pommel to promote proper hip and leg positioning.

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